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Benefits About SMS Authentication Code


SMS authentication code, which is also known as two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time password (OTP), allows users to verify their identities with a code that is sent to them via SMS message. An SMS authentication code often acts as a second verifier for users to gain access to a network, system, or application.yTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信
Benefits About SMS Authentication CodeyTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信
This form of authentication is actually quite simple. After signing in, the user receives a text message with an SMS authentication code. And they need to enter that code on the app or website to register or log in. And you must have experienced this yourself when logging in to WeChat, Baidu, Zhihu, Xiaomi, and other services.yTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信
As a possession-based factor, SMS authentication verifies a user’s identity based on something they own (i.e., a mobile phone). This adds an extra layer of security to a login. In theory, bad actors would have to steal a user’s password and phone in order to gain unauthorized access to an account.yTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信
Passwords are inherently weak because users tend to forget them, recycle them across various accounts, or have them stolen due to poor storage practices (e.g., writing them on a sticky note). SMS authentication helps to minimize our reliance on passwords and makes it more difficult for bad actors to steal logins and hack accounts.yTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信
Research shows that people have to remember 10 passwords every day. SMS authentication removes this hassle as it sends unique codes directly to the user, which they can then easily input on a website or app to verify their identities.yTq国际短信_短信群发_短信接口_营销短信平台_天一泓国际短信

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